Saturday, 22 February 2014

Protect our nature…….

Save our nature……..

                       Kerala is known as God’s own country. This small land is gifted with lots of beautiful places. Idukki is one of the most beautiful district in Kerala so we can call it as God’s own district. Idukki is having more than fifteen beautiful tourist locations.

                       During my visit to these places I noted that, all these good places are treated like a waste bin. Not only in Idukki, situation is same for all the places across the state. I have a small request for all the traveler's “ These places are not a dust bin for putting all the waste”. Why we are doing like this?. Now all these gifted places are like a waste bin, where we want to throw all out wastes like Plastic covers, water bottles, beer cans, vine bottles, cigarettes.Did anyone like if our home is full with waste, so please treat all these beautiful nature gifted places are like our home. 

                    We are gifted with a beautiful nature, we have some responsibility to keep it as same as nature made it. Now we are enjoying this beauty of nature and we have responsibility to our future generations, they also have the same rights for enjoying it. Protect our nature.

                    This is not only the problem with peoples, why government is not doing anything for this. Many of the places don’t have basic facilities for travelers like Information center, Toilets, Good Hotels and most of the places don’t have a single use me boxes, so they will ask where we want to deposit all these wastes. So some urgent attention require from government side to resolve this issues. Till that time we can do one thing,  Please don’t throw any waste there you can keep it with you in your vehicle and put it in any other use me boxes on the way.

So let’s enjoy the freshness and beauty of nature. Click for a free visit.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Paces to vist in Idukki, Kerala

                      Most beautiful places in and around Idukki are Munnar, Thekkady, Marayoor, Ramakkalmedu, Kolahalamedu, Vagamon, Elavezhapunchira, Thommankuth water Falls, Kulamavu, Parunthumpara, Idukki Arch dam-Hill view park, Eravikulam Wild Life Sanctuary, Palkulamedu, Nadukani, Panchalimedu.

                    Normally best time to visit all these locations are from September to February. But our suggestion is there is no such time frame for enjoying the beauty of nature. It fully depends on you, If you want to enjoy the beauty of Monsoon and likes to have a walk on drizzling rain and mist then come at monsoon season. During monsoon all these places became fully covered by mist so long view is not possible but its gives u a cool feeling...

Beauty of Idukki

     Idukki is one of the most beautiful district in Kerala,a beautiful hill station. This is a super destination for nature lovers and travelers. Enjoy the beauty of nature and forget all your tensions.
Most part of Idukki is covered by mountains and forests.

For more details about Idukki, visit the bellow link.